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A Mix for Angela Chase and Rayanne Graff

June 27, 2010

              As mentioned the other night on the show, I stayed up late one night last week battling insomnia by concocting a mix for Angela and Rayanne of ‘My So-Called Life.’
Why create something imaginary that will never be appreciated by its intended recipients, you ask?
Why, I don’t know! Though I often have more fun creating hypothetical mixes than real ones—in fact, I find it easier to create a good mix for someone semi-imaginary, since you can throw caution to the wind and go with your gut choices, without fear of repercussions or the recipient’s judgment.
            Anyway, I imagine that star-crossed BFF’s Angela and Rayanne would slip this baby into the tape deck after leaving a party (where Jordan Catelano was likely to be found acting nonchalant, until he said something enigmatic-yet-douchey—Rayanne would have then unleashed the sass, Angela would have gotten upset but remained infatuated, and the two would’ve left vowing to get back at him.) They would then hop into the car and listen to Mazzy Star while driving into the sunset, pleased to be friends amidst the emotional turmoil of mid-nineties teendom. SIGH!
           Though the following are not necessarily the coolest choices (pretty sure Rayanne would scoff at some of these- good thing she won’t really see them! Angela would probably be more open-minded)- I’d hope that they would still appreciate the spirit of these songs. Tracklist below.

A mix for Angela Chase and Rayanne Graff to listen to whilst driving into the Sunset:

1. Twin Sister- Lady Daydream
2. Fleetwood Mac- Dreams
3. Mazzy Star- Fade Into You
4. Des’Ree- You Gotta Be  (Remember when this song MADE ‘The Next Karate Kid’? SWANK! We’re not worthy!)
5. Smashing Pumpkins- 1979
6. The National- Lit Up
7. John Cale- All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover)
8. Wye Oak- Take It In
9. Kate Bush- Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
10. The xx- Intro
11. Lookbook- Steal The Night

My So-Called Life on Hulu (click at your own risk- I shan’t be responsible for lost time!)


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