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Playlist for 12.14.2010

December 15, 2010

Tonight was the ALL LOCAL show!


The Short Fuses Funtimes The Short Fuses
Is/Is Eating Hourglasses This Happening [EP]
Bleeding Hickeys Roadkill Lovers and Haters, Unite!
Pink Mink Earthquake on the Loose “Black Door”/”Earthquake on the Loose” [single]
To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie The Patron The Patron
Low Your Poison Drums & Guns
Dark Dark Dark Daydreaming Wild Go
Zoo Animal Worker Bee Zoo Animal
Zuzu’s Petals The Girl He First Met The Music of Your Life
Cadette Teething Live on Radio K
The Soviettes Portland LPII
Divebomb Honey Kinky Kinky The Divebomb Honey [7″]
Zola Jesus I Can’t Stand Stridulum [EP]
Lookbook True to Form Wild at Heart
Alicia Wiley Goldmine Both Sides
Alpha Centauri Electrostatic Lavarocks
BNLX Do Without EP #1
Gospel Gossip Sippy Cup Drift [EP]
Total Babe Bearbones Heatwave [EP]
February Hit Me Tomorrow is Today
Best Friends Forever Eisenhower is the Father Romance Conflict Adventure
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lappelles Postcard Orange Peels and Rattlesnakes
Roma di Luna Before I Die Then the Morning Came
Dessa Dixon’s Girl A Badly Broken Code
The Keep Aways Standards The Keep Aways
The Blue Up? Breathe You Out Cake and Eat It
Daisy’s Compact Mice Hipster Zine Live on Radio K
Mute Era Mute Era Mute Era [EP]
Red Pens Don’t Be Sane Reasons
Sharp Teeth Let Me Stay Alive Sharp Teeth
Brute Heart Blooming Trees EP
Babes in Toyland Right Now Fontanelle
Kelley Deal 6000 How Bout Hero Stuck on AM: Live from Radio K
Desdamona I Don’t Stop The Ledge
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