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October’s Honorary Lady: Seth Bogart of Hunx and His Punx

October 29, 2010

The “Honorary Lady” is a monthly feature we do on Girl Germs in an effort to discuss the boundaries that come attached to a radio show devoted to female artists. We wish to challenge what it means to be a girl or lady, and to recognize that artists who fall outside of this gender definition do make huge contributions to the music and culture we celebrate on the show.

One of the non-lady artists we’re loving right now is Seth Bogart, a mainstay of the Bay Area garage-punk scene. While in the Kill Rock Stars-signed electro-pop band Gravy Train!!!! (which, if you’re a fan of Le Tigre, you should definitely check out), Bogart took the pseudonym Hunx and, in 2008, formed Hunx and His Punx. A nod to ’60s doo-wop and girl groups (not to mention poppy garage-rock from days of yore) and featuring an all-female backing band, Hunx and His Punx were soon touring with Nobunny and Jay Reatard, and even had a song featured in a LensCrafters commercial. (!)

Bogart is gay, and has never shied away from the topic of queer love – or sex in general (nor does he really shy away from anything; he even appeared in his skivvies in Girls’ “Lust for Life” video). But Bogart doesn’t feed into the stereotypes that so often permeate so-called “queer music.” His persona is brazen, but still genuine, and his portrayals of gay romance – while tongue-in-cheek and often hilarious – seem to be from the heart. Bogart’s music is especially inclusive of ladies – he often plays with female musicians, and he owns a combo vintage boutique/hair salon/record store with Tina Luchessi (who’s been in Tina and the Total Babes and dozens of other rock bands).

Hunx and His Punx will release a full-length on Hardly Art in early 2011, and Bogart’s side project, H.U.N.X. will release what he called in an interview with Out Magazine“the gayest dance record ever.” We can’t wait.


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