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TV Party with Girl Germs!

October 16, 2010

Girl Germs is known for playing the music of groundbreaking female artists Tuesdays and Saturdays on Radio K. Now Dana and Jenny are taking over Monday nights, too!

Following our summer “Girls on Film” series, which celebrated music-related film depictions of women (and included a showing of the subversive early-‘80s film Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains), we’ve decided it’s time we gave props to groundbreaking and multidimensional portrayals of women on television—because, unfortunately, such portrayals are still hard to come by these days. Plus, we’d be watching these shows at home anyway, and it’s much less sad to watch TV at a bar with other people. Right?

We’ll be showing episodes of Daria, My So-Called Life and the Golden Girls at the lovely Red Stag Supperclub in Northeast Minneapolis in November, December and January. All screenings will start at 9 p.m., and the Red Stag will be offering happy hour specials from 9 to close each night: $3 domestics, $4 select taps, $4 select cocktails, $4 Crispin Ciders and $3 house wine. Plus, free parking!

Here’s what we’re showing and when:

Monday, November 15 – Daria
MTV’s cartoon classic, chronicling the life and trials of a sarcastic teen wise beyond her years.

Monday, December 13 – My So-Called Life
This show only lasted one season, but Angela Chase’s journey through the emotional battlefield of high school still rings true today.

Monday, January 10 – Golden Girls
The adventures of four sassy (and hilarious) ladies in a Miami retirement community.

See you at the Red Stag! (Flyer and gif action courtesy of Allison of Hot Lava and the Catnip Dreams.) TV Party with Girl Germs is sponsored by Radio K and The Onion.


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