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Lady you should know about: Mia Zapata

April 19, 2010

Mia Zapata was the lead singer of The Gits, a band that infused elements of blues and soul into their garage-punk sound. The Gits were one of the mainstay acts of the early ’90s Seattle scene. But unfortunately, despite being an extremely talented songwriter and vocalist (and an enigmatic frontwoman), Zapata is more widely recognized for her death than for her life. After leaving a bar and stopping at a friend’s house in the early hours of July 7, 1993, she was raped, beaten and murdered on her way home.

Zapata’s tragic and shocking death did have a positive result. It inspired fellow musicians and friends to start Home Alive, a nonprofit that offers anti-violence education and outreach as well as self-defense classes on a sliding scale. The organization released a compilation in 1996 that included Fastbacks, Nirvana, 7 Year Bitch, Lydia Lunch, Joan Jett and more. Jett also performed and recorded with the surviving members of The Gits as Evil Stig, covering several Gits songs.

Be sure to tune in this Tuesday as we’ll not only be joined by Erica of Sharp Teeth, but we’ll be talking about Take Back the Night, which Radio K and Girl Germs are sponsoring (the rally and march will be happening Friday, April 23 and Girl Germs will be handing out Radio K merch from 6 to 7pm). Come take back the night with us, and of course BE SAFE.

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