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Spring fund drive, Girl Germs style

April 13, 2010

What do you get when you combine Radio K’s spring fund drive with Girl Germs? For one, you get the satisfaction of supporting the Twin Cities’ greatest radio station. But you also get…
(Take a deep breath)

This is the scene at Girl Germs World Headquarters. We’re furiously putting together mixtapes, CD packs and buttons! (Disclaimer: ’90s boombox is not a fund drive gift! We’re keepin’ it!)

To thank you for becoming a Radio K member during the fund drive episode of Girl Germs (this Tuesday, April 13 from 9-11pm), Dana and Anna have put together some pretty awesome swag (if we do say so ourselves…). Your Girl Germs fund drive gift is IN ADDITION to the already-awesome Radio K fund drive gifts (see those here).

$60 or $5/MONTH: 4-pack of limited-edition Girl Germs 1-inch buttons + your choice of a CD pack (see titles here).
$120 or $10/MONTH: 4-pack of limited-edition Girl Germs 1-inch buttons + a mixtape handmade by Anna and Dana, including cover art. What’s on this mixtape, you ask? It’s a surprise! Telling you would take all the fun out of that amazing first mixtape listen. But rest assured, it will rock your world.
$240 or $20/MONTH: 
4-pack of limited-edition Girl Germs 1-inch buttons + Dana and Anna will DJ at your  next party/event. Just give us an idea of some genres or artists you like, and we’ll put together and play a two-hour DJ gig that will amaze and delight the guests at your birthday celebration, dinner soiree, dance party, barbecue, bat/bar mitzvah or casual get-together! (Subject to scheduling availability, of course). We will provide all equipment and music.
$480 or $40/MONTH: 
ALL OF THE ABOVE! buttons, CD pack, mixtape AND DJ gig. It’s all yours

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