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Lady you should know about: Isobel Campbell

March 9, 2010

Much more than just “the girl from Belle and Sebastian,” Isobel Campbell is a composer, cellist, songwriter and vocalist who had a solo career during her days with B&S, and has continued to do so since her departure in 2002. She’s successfully transitioned from the indie-pop world into the folk, jazz, rock and traditional music genres.

This Scottish lady recorded under the name the Gentle Waves while she was still in B&S before releasing her debut solo record under her own name, Amorino, in 2003. She’s also well-known for her collaborations – both with jazz artist Bill Wells (with whom she recorded an album of Billie Holiday covers) and with Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age.

It is her collaborations with Lanegan that have drawn the most attention recently. But did you know that Campbell is the one who composed the music and wrote most of the lyrics for their three releases together (the latest is Sunday at Devil Dirt, which came out in 2008)? Campbell wrote and recorded the songs herself in Glasgow, then sent them to Lanegan in Los Angeles for him to record his portion of the vocals.

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